Ben and Meghan 3/2/13

Today we had the pleasure of being part of one of the smallest and most intimate weddings we have ever done. I met Meghan a few weeks back to get the info for the military discount, and I was immediately struck with what a warm person she was. Her father (Bob? I’m sorry ┬áif that isn’t your name! As I mentioned that day… I am AWFUL with names!) was with her and you could see he swelled with pride for his beautiful daughter.

I don’t usually need to meet with brides before the big day but was so grateful to have the opportunity to spend even a little time with Meghan. I have so much admiration for couples who are in the military. Marriage has it’s hard moments for everyone. I can’t imagine what adding deployments and training away and all the other stressed on military marriages. But you can see it in those special men. The commitment to their country pails in comparison to the newfound commitment to their brides. And in this case in both the bride and groom.

It was our first wedding of the year – and we won’t be forgetting it any time soon! Stunning!