Q:   How much does it cost to book Eliana Strings?
A:   The price may change depending on the booking. Please see our Price for current prices.

Where the wedding is, how long and whether you want a trio (3 players) or a quartet (4 players) all influences the cost. To find out how much for your wedding, please call Anna at (858) 761 1526 or send an email through our contact page.

Q: Quartet or Trio? 
There are a few things to consider here in order to make your choice. The biggest difference is that almost all of the pop music we have (which is over 100 titles!) are written for quartet. So if those are the songs you would like to hear then you are going to need to go with quartet. Otherwise you can go with either trio or quartet.

Q:   How do I book Eliana Strings?
A:   Once you have decided to book we will send you a contract through weddingwire.com. Once tat contract has been signed you will be prompted to send a deposit check for $200.  If you wish you can make payments on the booking. The final amount must be paid no later than one week before the wedding.

Q: Do you accept credit card?
A: Yes we do!

Q:  How far before my wedding should I book?
A:  As soon as you know it is what you want. Booking as early as possible guarantees that your string ensemble is available ! As most weddings are on Saturdays, they will usually be the first to be booked out.

Q:  What does the string ensemble require?
A:  What we require is 4 (or 3 for a trio) armless straight back chairs for the group to sit on. Should the wedding be outside, we need to be in full shade/protection from rain. Most venues can provide this if asked.  NOTE: If suitable shelter is not provided by either of the above methods, Eliana Strings will not play and you will not be refunded. Our instruments are valuable and need to be protected.
 For a booking of over 2 hours (during the reception) a meal is greatly appreciated. We would be sure to have this meal during speeches or during a time that would not leave your reception with no music!

Q:  Will Eliana Strings attend my rehearsal?
A:  Generally no. Given the experience of the players it is not necessary for us to be there. If you did want us to be at the rehearsal, it would be an additional cost.

Q:  What music will you play?
A:  We have hundreds of pieces of music covering many bases. We have many traditional classical works as well as some popular and jazz songs. Something to keep in mind if you are looking for a more popular repertoire is that we have many more popular tunes arranged for quartet than for trio.  If there is a special song that you want to hear at your wedding that is not part or our repertoire, we can hunt it down! We would ask that you would pay for the music. And if this is impossible to find already printed if given enough notice, we can write an arrangement of that piece for a fee. We want to make sure you have what you want!!   For a complete list of repertoire check out our Music List page. If you are undecided as to which pieces you wish, you can trust us to make appropriate decisions for your special day!

Q:  How long will the ensemble play?

A:  That depends on which part (or parts) of the wedding you book us for! We work on an hourly rate. If you require us for a ceremony only, that is a booking of one hour. That hour provides music while your guests arrive, for the ceremony itself and a little while your guests leave (or move onto the cocktail hour). Remember if you are planning on being late to factor that into how long you book the ensemble. If you choose more than one hour, the following hours are at a discounted rate. The cocktail hour usually is used when the ceremony and reception are at the same venue. We would play to your guests while they mingle with a drink in hand while you are having your photography done. A lovely way to pass the time for them! If you choose to have us at your reception, it is up to you how long you wish us to play. Generally we play during the meal itself or until you want to start dancing!

Q:  I would like Eliana Strings to be at both my ceremony and reception but these are at different locations. How does that work?
A:  When you book Eliana strings in this manner the group must be paid for the entire time of the booking. This means the in-between time also. This is because we are unable to take another booking for this time. The in-between time will not be at full rate. The cost will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Make sure to make mention of this at the time of the quote.

Q:  What will the quartet wear?
A:  We will always turn up to your event well groomed! Unless otherwise discussed the ensemble will arrive in all black attire. This means black pants and button down shirt for the men and skirts or pants with black blouse for the women.

Q:  Does the ensemble require any electricity or amplification.
A:  Generally no. Our instruments are built for natural amplification. The only instance we would need electricity is if we need lighting. This should be disclosed at the time of the booking.

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