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So let’s face it, this is probably the first tab you clicked on right?? Because we know this is often the main concern for brides and grooms, we list our prices upfront. Below is some information so you will know a little more about our services.

We offer string quartets and string trios. A string quartet consists of 4 players - 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello. Our string trio usually consists of 2 violins and a cello. The pricing for each ensemble is:


1 hour – $790      1.5 hours – $990       2 hours – $1190


1 hour – $890   1.5 hours – $1140    2 hours – $1390

We also offer a military discount of $50 on either the string quartet or string trio to currently active military personnel.

There may be a travel fee depending on location.

A  booking for only the ceremony is 1 hour. That gives you some time for prelude music while your guests are being seated, during the ceremony itself and then some postlude as your guests leave for cocktail hour. 

If the ceremony is a full mass, then the booking is 1.5 hours. A full mass is an hour long so in order to have prelude music and a small buffer should you be running a little behind we do the 1.5 hour booking. Our most popular package is our 2 hour package. This includes one hour for ceremony and one hour for cocktail. We have noticed that most couples want popular more contemporary music in their cocktail hour, in which case they book the quartet. 

Prices for string quartets range in San Diego from $400 all the way up to $1400 per hour and up. I want to remain both competitive and fair our pricing. You are getting a very high caliber of musician with Eliana Strings and you get what you pay for! But we do not add on additional costs.  Make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of! You want your wedding to be beautiful and memorable but that doesn’t mean you should be overcharged for a service!

At Eliana Strings, our musicians are college educated in music and most of our players—in addition to being professional musicians— are also music educators. We have a number of musicians here at Eliana Strings who play for us all of whom have been working in the wedding industry for a minimum of five years. This is to ensure we can take a booking for you in advance and have players available.

Eliana Strings brings the benefit of experience to your event. Understanding what a bride and groom needs is huge, but also a string group is required to make snap decisions in the moment: when to end a song smoothly during a processional, being flexible if there is a change of plan (ie: bride being late, or an unexpected last minute change to the processional etc). The extensive experience our players bring ensures a beautiful event no matter what challenges arise.

A good question to ask your wedding quartet (or trio) is do they have liability insurance. Some venues require it and will not allow outside vendors on the premises without it. You want to make sure of this ASAP as you don’t want to get to a week before the event and realize it’s too late! Eliana Strings does have liability insurance. If your venue needs a certificate of insurance please let us know a month prior so that we can get a copy in time.

Many wedding group musicians hold many different jobs. That is the life of a musician! But you want to make sure that your wedding is a priority. As the owner of Eliana Strings, this is my job. Although I do teach, I am available to my brides. I try to keep contact to business hours so please give us 24 hours to get back to you.

I hope that this information is beneficial to you!  If you have any further questions, please contact us directly.

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